worth a ban? really?

The short story (sorry about my english, third language): my account has been suspended for two weeks because of abusive comments. Ok, i get that. Not gonna lie, it happens sometimes. But i would like to talk about that specific game which ended up with a ban. I have been told, that "i hope isis cuts down your head and also your family's", got seriously blamed for literally everything during that game (i play as support, ofc). One of my teammate literally asked the opponents to report me, for being afk (i wasnt afk for a second). So, my question is: if i receive a ban for 2 weeks, for these comments, what the hell do you give a dude, who literally says like get cancer, i hope isis kills your family etc.? It happened waaaay too many times. So sorry, but i am seriously convinced that you guys dont even check the full chatlogs properly, usually if i say something that is a reaction. I should have the right, to defend myself. And no, i refuse to block the chat, since i try to win my games and that is the only way to communicate with them. Btw, i have checked the chatlog. I didnt really call them any names or anything. So i still believe that you only check the numbers of reporters, and not the actual facts.
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