Chat restricted????

Its as the title says, I just got chat restricted for 10 games and dropped to honour 0 over 2 games? The first game I was mad (my tristana banned my vayne even though I told her not to and I prelocked her) and said things but didn't do in game e.g feed the enemy, just got a case of jarvan hard hunting me throughout game. Second game I was constantly flamed by thresh but don't understand where it was toxic? Can someone help out, many thanks. Btw I'm not actually toxic in general, just the first game I was tilted by my teams constant flame and "report tf" comments. Even if I ignore them they still spam it in all chat. Other than these two games, I'm a pretty nice guy overall. Thanks if anyone can help point out where I was "toxic", any feedback is welcome, hopefully will be useful. GG everyone. Game 1 Obbymaulerz: j4 dont bother ganking top Obbymaulerz: ill let nasus free farm Obbymaulerz: for what? Obbymaulerz: i cant stop him Obbymaulerz: you banned him when i told u not to Obbymaulerz: idc Obbymaulerz: ill rise again Obbymaulerz: not hard Obbymaulerz: /muteall Obbymaulerz: ??? Obbymaulerz: ah Obbymaulerz: soz Obbymaulerz: nasus afk Obbymaulerz: nvm Obbymaulerz: im not gonna stop them Obbymaulerz: they can kill me if they want Obbymaulerz: soon Obbymaulerz: lets make this interesting Obbymaulerz: i wont back at all Obbymaulerz: i will only back when im dead Obbymaulerz: pls try hard man.. Obbymaulerz: focus more on trist. Obbymaulerz: k Obbymaulerz: oh Obbymaulerz: ? Obbymaulerz: what u talking bout? Obbymaulerz: dat dmg.. Obbymaulerz: :/ Obbymaulerz: j4 why do u hate me? Obbymaulerz: you cant report for bad game Obbymaulerz: im just simply getting hard focused by j4 Obbymaulerz: no Obbymaulerz: why? Obbymaulerz: dont feel like it Obbymaulerz: flame more Obbymaulerz: rofl Obbymaulerz: lo Obbymaulerz: dat disrespect ^^ Obbymaulerz: havent seen panth and trist apologise yet Obbymaulerz: bg wp Obbymaulerz: ah it seems this panth wants a lose Obbymaulerz: ori nasus come baron pit Obbymaulerz: im sorry seju Obbymaulerz: if only trist and panth apologised i would of ended this 10 mins ago Obbymaulerz: obv xDD Obbymaulerz: i can 1v1 ori and ashe and nami Obbymaulerz: flame more Obbymaulerz: it is Obbymaulerz: you all flamed since 5 mins Obbymaulerz: right... Obbymaulerz: they just wanna blame me Obbymaulerz: we doing baron? Obbymaulerz: why not drag? Obbymaulerz: wrong chat Obbymaulerz: tried backdoor Obbymaulerz: failed hard Obbymaulerz: look seju i simply want them to apologise Obbymaulerz: thats all Obbymaulerz: nope Obbymaulerz: ima make sure u lose Obbymaulerz: when did baron get a skin? Obbymaulerz: not mad Obbymaulerz: just not caring Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: dont mind me Obbymaulerz: if i lose Obbymaulerz: i dont mind Obbymaulerz: i will simply climb again Obbymaulerz: nope Obbymaulerz: well im playing osrs on the side Obbymaulerz: so i don mind :) Obbymaulerz: now u trying to be racist?smh Obbymaulerz: gg p Obbymaulerz: 50 lp? Obbymaulerz: jesus dude Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: look seju i would of ended this game ages ago Obbymaulerz: but. Obbymaulerz: :) Obbymaulerz: you want win seju? Obbymaulerz: ~ Obbymaulerz: lol ashe Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: now im done Obbymaulerz: nope Obbymaulerz: now i will win it. Obbymaulerz: i feel sad for seju Obbymaulerz: so sure ill win for u Obbymaulerz: gold 1 Obbymaulerz: gg wp Game 2 Obbymaulerz: what makes u think there is duoq? Obbymaulerz: xDD Obbymaulerz: XDD Obbymaulerz: rammus no f and no assist Obbymaulerz: omg Obbymaulerz: wp bot Obbymaulerz: fiora losing to azir top xDD Obbymaulerz: LOL Obbymaulerz: dat 1v2.. Obbymaulerz: was looking at mid :/ Obbymaulerz: ur not worth my time to look at Obbymaulerz: buh why Obbymaulerz: i need that tower Obbymaulerz: once i get sorc shoes and rylais Obbymaulerz: its over Obbymaulerz: u guys go in 3v5 Obbymaulerz: why? Obbymaulerz: cant w8 for all? Obbymaulerz: stick as 5 Obbymaulerz: ok im done Obbymaulerz: play urself. Obbymaulerz: im done playing with u all Obbymaulerz: sigh Obbymaulerz: cant lantern Obbymaulerz: lol Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: thresh hope u get banned Obbymaulerz: Wtf.. Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: report thresh for constant flame
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