The surrender option in ranked

Hello guys, I want to talk about the surrender option. Ofc everyone should have the right to surrender, because they get destroyed or they have no morale. But why the hell do people just say ff or game is lost in the 3rd minut or after 1 death... in ranked. And Im diamond V, WTF is going on? Did they never play lol? I personally NEVER surrender in ranked, even if its 0/30. Because theres always a chance of victory, for exemple 1 year ago, i was playing a rankd game, we were loosing 1/25, everyone besides me already gave up, but they didnt afk. It was a coincidence that all 5 of us were in mid lane in the 19th minut and we pushed one tower, killed one of them, pushed another tower, killed the 2 from bot, pushed another tower and the inhibitor, then we got the last 2 and pushed both nexus turrets and the nexus. So we won 6/25, and the whole enemy team was flamming each other via all chat and in the lobby after. That is one the reasons I never surrender and why I always report the ones thats just say ff or game lost for negative attitude. Anyway, what do you think guys?
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