14-day ban for 1 game

Well as title mentions I got suspended for a single stupid game. It started with our jungler (Lee sin) calling me gay as a joke, and I replied with what you see down below. I always thought these two words are essentially the same but apparently the autoban system treats it as some kind of ultra-swear hence the one word ban. Lee sin was essentially toxic the whole game long swearing and reporting everybody except our midlaner because we didn't follow him everywhere. Funny to see 1 report from such player is what it takes to get an account down. Game 1 In-Game POMŒ: or mid POMŒ: np %%%got POMŒ: %%%got* POMŒ: :D POMŒ: nope, you are POMŒ: lee POMŒ: when you're invading enemies are ALWAYS come faster than allies POMŒ: so why won't you report yourself instead? POMŒ: he was pushed POMŒ: and you could WATCH minimap before going into enemy jungle POMŒ: so again, why won't you report yourself for your own mistakes? POMŒ: yeah lee, move away from me POMŒ: well game is over POMŒ: I see lee and lissandra are playing together POMŒ: so lee POMŒ: you see every your invade ends with %%%%%%ed suicides POMŒ: so why can't you just stop invading already? POMŒ: and same do you Post-Game POMŒ: gj lee P.S. I had clear account history prior to this.
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