What's the chance of something like this actually getting banned?

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Usually when I see someone int (which happens quite a lot recently, but that's a different topic), it seems pretty obvious. But this experience right here was hideous. Unfortunately, I only have the post-game screenshot to work with right here. But let's walk you guys through this. They joined the lobby and immediately checked the op.gg of every player. Apparently, someone on our team had a really low KDA, so nunu and zilean started to write stuff like: - "u deserve disco" - "you deserve to get inted" - .... Nunu is quite the obvious troll here with his summoner spells and Zilean seems to be helping him out with his endeavors. Nunu proceeded to run it down mid at level 1. Zilean went mid and played a relatively standard lane (going mid as support) and actually doing quite well. They proceeded playing out the game, occasionally int and occasionally playing well all whilst not using any slurs or "obvious" toxicity. This brings me to the title of this post. How likely is it for this behaviour to be punished? It's arguably one of the worst experiences I've had for years in this game. Especially because it feels like you can get away with inting. It hurts me to see so many hateful players. Getting flamed, insulted and inted. I really felt like going afk there. Enough rambling though. cya around fellow boards people, Encrux
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