Dearest Riot, feedback on my account ban!

Thank you for banning my account 'Marauder Olaf' for intentional feeding, which is true. You made me care enough to write you feedback in an obnoxious manner. As I do not even have the opportunity to explain my reasoning. Justice without court? In case Riot is interested in why a player would feed, that is because my own team can ban my champion pick. However, as an individual I must retaliate through either cooperation or equivalent retribution, the latter is better known as tit for tat. I choose the latter and got banned for my rational. Which is ironic because that 'zero-tolerance' policy is exactly the decision making I applied. Double standard, or justice through authority? Perhaps trivial? Perhaps making it impossible for team players to ban locked-in pre-picked champions in team-select would fore-go the agony of such tribulation on these terribly important matters of gaming. Sincerely, A. A. Anonymous
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