A game that aims at creating dependence more then an enjoyable experience.

Do you ever ask yourself why you are still playing league of legends afte all the shit you get through every %%%%ing day? Dependence. That's it. This game is absurd shit in many aspects. It is the most popular e-sport not beacouse it's the best game but cause millions of people stick to this shit like goats. It makes you upset cause you have literally no control over the gameplay. you are one of five, you have four other people that can just waste your 40 minutes and ruin your mood, cause you cannot quit matches. this is like a violence, this game keeps it's crowd cause it is designed to make psychological exploits. you will not climb if you are good at the game, cause you are nothing more than the 10% of the people in this match. you need to get lucky so stop taking it seriously guys there is a world of things we can make with all the time we WASTE into this shit. read a book, get yourself some culture. go out do sport play story-oriented videogames this game will just ruin your mood and maybe your health
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