tribunal is garbage and riot are sociopaths

I've had tons of AFK, trolls, inters; I reported them all. Guess what was riot's response? NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. But once, just ONCE, a guy told me"k#s n#gger" and guess what? Yep, 2 min after the report, I received instant feedback notice. Yeah I know chatban is automated, but int/leave/trolling can also be detected by machines. That's not even the point, cause I was so fed up with toxic game-wasters, I've started to send very detailed tickets manually to the support, with screenshots and even short video extracts. Just to check if riot would actually react if they had the proper information, or if they really had a policy to ignore anything but meany evil words who scare them like daddy when he took the belt. I had small video clips of a tahm kench very clearly eating my champ while I was doing blue buff, stealing the buff, then later trying to spit me under the ennemy tower. How could an attitude be worse? Apparently, for rito, that is totally acceptable, and the guy wasnt punished. Another time, a yi suddenly refused to play, and stays in the jungle to make us lose. Not only did he make it very obvious, but he clearly WROTE it multiple times. I sent all the screenshots to riot, along with another small clip of him staying next to a guy from our team and very ostensibely avoiding to hit any minion or tower, to clearly show how little respect he had for us. And guess what they did? Yep, you got it right : absolutely NOTHING. Again, another guy decides to rage afk before 10 mins, rito does... Wait for it... Nothing. You always say "under no circumstance do talk negatively to a troll or flame back a flamer, just mute him and report after the game". BUT THE REPORTS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. EVEN WHEN RIOT'S MODERATORS HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY EVIDENCE TO TAKE ACTION, THEY DO N.O.T.H.I.N.G. BUT SWEET TALK. SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE NOT TILT AND TRASH TALK THE %%%% OUT OF THOSE CANCEROUS NUISANCES? Of course I trash talk people! I never had a single punishment, and suddenly Im permabanned because I was infuriated by the injustices. I was wronged, I am the one punished lol. Typical of regressive newthink. "Progress is a modern idea, that is : a false idea". We come to video games to have a good time, overcome challenges in a fair environment. And this is robbed from us. The frustration is only legitimate. It's totally normal to be furious when a guy is intentionally losing, when he's blatantly disrespecting you, or even insulting you. There is nothing more precious than time. I've pleaded riot again and again to think about a fairer system, where those who hinder their team would get impacted more by the loss. They don't give a shit about the player's experience, all they care about are revenues. In this context, the only conforting thought is the nuisible player would be punished. And riot fail miserably. They completely let us down. Even worse : if you legitimately flame, insult the guy, AS ANY SANE HUMAN BEING WOULD, then riot targets you! It's doubly offensive. Riot is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for spreading toxicity, for encouraging all those toxic behaviours. If you dont get punished for trolling or leaving a game, why would you not do it? Because you're a decent person? Well punishments are precisely conceived for those who arent decent in the first place. What do they expect from us? To shut up and give our money. To not trouble this perfect little disney videoland. It would scare the customers. They expect us to stay there, be insulted, be disrespected, to waste our time, waste our efforts, see our hopes crushed, and remain perfectly calm. We come for fun and we get frustration. And they find it totally acceptable to demand from us to just "deal with it" ¯_(惄)_/¯ . It is NOT. WE ARE NOT MACHINES. We are living beings, with emotions and pride. I'm a grown up, nobody can break my will and self-esteem. But NOBODY can just brush off insults and agressions forever, to be disrespected and waste one's time without having some sort of recation. Demanding people to alwas remain positive and unaffected is just inhuman, period. When Riot pretends reports have any sort of effects on anything else but "chat toxicity", they're SPITTING IN OUR FACES, they're taking us for fools. Yeah I know this speech sounds ridiculous for just a video game. But it's never just a game, and the sad part is riot is just one company amongst thousands stepping in our privacy and restricting our freedoms (in this case, with our active consent). States, mega corporations, are very happy with how we relinquish our humanity, our self-expression, our life-force, in exchange for confort and a little dose of adrenaline or sugar. We seek refuge in virtual worlds; we see freedom, they see new markets. In exchange for our very souls, they get power. And the very thing we look for, to get away from their grip (jobs, housing, taxes, gender war....) are the ones which enchain us even more. Everyday skynet and matrix seem less dystopian and more visionnary. At least idiocracy had a happy ending.
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