bye bye league, another longtime player gone !

After being surrounded by retards for the 234234543221321th consecutive game, I'm throwing in the towel. Personal skill has NOTHING to do with your ranking. Your game is nice Riot, I like it a lot, but there is NO WAY for me to get out of this elo shithole you've been keeping me for the last 2 years. My allies, 9 out of 10 games, have no fukcing idea. They dont know what objectives are, they chase tanks into a blind jungle with the entire enemy team ss, etc etc etc. I read the other day on this board a guy could not get his main account out of silver, while his secondary account was already masters. So skill has NOTHING to do with how you are ranked. I'm too old to put up with being surrounded by utter utter morons, so bye. I'm not great at this game, but better than 90% of the people I play with. soloq is useless. duoq is useless, cause thats just 1 less moron the ranked system allies u with. still 3 morons on my team. Thanks Riot, you've ruined it for me. Think you're doing so great with the report system? You're wrong. There's a fantastic system already in place against toxicicity. The mute mbutton. Is there a way for me to evade the people you ally me with? no. Well, yes, I just made the decision to not play league again.
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