Ban system is a joke!

Hello everyone! Two days ago, I got banned, now let me tell you why it is a joke! ;D I was playing ARAM, the game was totally unbalanced we are almost all melee/short range, enemy team full poke, but we had this lux! trying to stay alive or should I say afk behind us without mana or hp afraid to die, so I told her to go suicide as she probably has 5k gold or more since she's the only poke, but the lux just stayed behind, so I told her to keep her gold for next game, the game was almost over when they killed her, that's when she bought a rabadon and finished her first item at the same time while enemy destroying nexus. Okay, we lost in less than 15 mins, and here comes the joke! banned for 14 days! yes! instantly banned for 14 days... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I contact support, and it takes them a day to answer me, and says it was a bot who instantly detected what I said and banned me, and if I do it again I will be permanently banned! and ending that with a smiley, like he is happy for what happened to me. For real ? hahaha I instantly answer again and explain what happened, because it seems the first guy didn't get anything or maybe it was another bot answer, and I wait another day to get a reply that says my ban was reduced to chat restriction 10 games, honor goes to 0, and that I should stay cool in games and not rage... i'm not even mad, I never been, and if I will I can just mute and keep going. I never been banned before nor got any chat restrictions, actually i'm getting honored almost every game! Yes, this is happening! This is league of legends now! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} EDIT: Latest News
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