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Since when Ragequiting in Competitive Rank acceptable? I dont know how to post pictures here but i just finished a game that my midlaner Division(G1) ragequit from a winning100% game, just because .. You know why ? Just because my support pinged him to backdown from 1v3 and stay close with the is this acceptable ? If we dont use pings how we will comunicate ? Plus in this game we had Toplaner Divison (S1) - - - - > Enemy 2 platinum.... Again how is this acceptable ? The players name is : SKT T1 Star... you are going to let people ragequit for this reason in ranked, while other give their best to try and climb to a higher elo, while other ragequit for no reason at all, when they can just mute pings ? Yet again i know this moment i lose my time writting this, but pay attention many people like this game like myself and other people ruin it and i also know that if you banned all the players that you got request from people like me nobody would play this game at this hour. I just wish the ragequiting was very punishable.

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