Yeh... about those reports...

Ranked isn't for everyone, this is information that needs to reach everybody in the community. Did you recently have another player tower dive level 2? Or did you have the pleasure of getting Soraka Top AD? Perhaps you were being "Carried" by 2 pre-mades claiming to be Diamond I playing the bot lane who failed to pick an ADC to begin with, chose AP rengar to carry the bot lane and lost it with a "trivial" 0/5/1 in the first 6 minutes of the match. Did you call them noobs? Or called their play idiotic? Of course you did, what competitive player wouldn't be angry at people destroying every chance and all the hard work you put in through the season to reach the next Division. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Did you get a report or a ban even? Perhaps. Which makes it hard to understand, is this game really meant for a young adult audience - because it seems to me that LOL is meant for kids who can't handle criticism and should have a G rating (Kappa) . Sure constructive criticism is better but in the heat of the moment you know what they did wrong and you spit it out. Furthermore, even if you gave constructive criticism, it's not like they will actually change the way they play. Talking out of experience here... Adressing toxicity is ok, seriously, nobody likes that guy just talking trash without being able to back it up. Completely shutting down an account where money was invested on the other hand is overreacting - specially considering the usual insult report is noob, and l2p, or typing Easy at the end of a match. LIKE THIS: ā˜‘ Easy ā˜ Not Easy Really? If this offends you ^ .... You're just a bad loser. If the word noob ( newbie, new player) offends you as well, you're just overly sensitive. But it's trendy to be easily offended today and riot is actually sucking up to those people. Of course, you could play on and be quiet and not do a thing ( the allegedly adult thing to do, but where's the fun in that? I personally love to bask in the glory and i'll take the occasional report for that #worth) {{champion:17}} Opinions on this?
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