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Hey All, It's me, Daymage, again after my rant 14 days ago about the toxicity of the game. I'd like to share a positive experience I had today as well as some advice regarding player behaviour. Today I had a game of ranked which started with a champion select where the jungler and support said: Bot premade, Daymage (I was adc) go jungle. Well jungle is my worst role. I plainly can't play it. I get bored by it, it's annoying and you have waaay too many people nagging on you :p. (Mad respect for jungle mains) But well, seeing that premade guys usually start trolling when not given what they want, I went jungle. Which I did HORRIBLY, truly horribly. Which of course provoked the annoyement of mid and top. To my "Surprise" bot also wasn't performing well so they received most of the blame so I mostly went my way. But after dying again for the 1000th time top started critizing me. Which was really annoying since it was only negative and also didn't provide me with the information I actually needed. So I responded by explaining that what he does doesn't improve my gameplay AT all and that it only influences it negatively. To which he stubbornly refused to agree. Well after some time he starting actually giving positive feedback with actual information which helped me alot and helped us turn the game around. (It took 56 minutes and we were at one point at half our nexus health). But.. WE WON After (hopefuly) realizing that negative feedback doesn't work our top started explaining things and give positive feedback which helped us turn the game around. So.. My advice to all of you: PLEASE, PLEASE don't start out with negative comments even if it's the worst feeder you've ever seen even if he has ruined the whole game even if he has stolen all your buffs Start out positive and try to help them Don't force your opinion on them but just be nice and try to explain things. Thank you for reading this, and well, Cya! Greetz, Daymage

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