This game seriously makes me cry from the stress and harassment

I am so sick of this awful community. This year, I really wanted to get into Gold instead of just climbing to Silver and not even trying to climb further even if climbing at that point is still easy for me, because all I cared about for 4 seasons is not being in Bronze so that I don't get made fun of. When season 7 ended, I took a break, waiting for season 8 so that I can start climbing to Gold then. Now that I am back, I decided to play a larger number of normal games so that I can get back in shape, and ready to roll for Gold. Played a few random games at first, then I started playing each champion for ranked a select amount of times just so that I would make sure I am ready for ranked, and if a friend or someone would invite me to a game, I wouldn't count those games for my "practice games" just because most of my friends are either Bronze or Platinum, in other words below me or above me. Not in my elo. However, being the competitive fool I am, I would still treat those games rather seriously as well, and that's where the problem begins. I would grab a random champion and start trying my best not to fail my friends. If I wouldn't start doing so well early game and mid game, I would start getting really stressed out and beating myself up, turn to self deprecation. And if I was doing really well for the first part of the game and then start being bad late game, because I like to play assassins and they generally fall off late (such as Talon), my motivation falls off too and so does my mood. I even catch myself having teary eyes after that Defeat screen. Loss streaks are the worst for this. And this even gets worse if an enemy, specifically an enemy, says something to tilt me. If I am already in a terrible mood, my impulsive self just forgets about the mute button and starts arguing. It always ends up bad, and after the game I feel like a fool and most of the time if I was arguing I catch myself crying. I just don't know what to do. The players in this game REALLY know how to push me off the edge and make me fly off the hook, which in turn really ruins everything for me. I'm willing to bet that most of my loss streaks come from my anger and bad mood. And while I do sometimes remember to mute them, if I find a random teammate who isn't my friend or the enemies harassing my friends, then I really can not avoid arguing. I don't want to quit either, I really do find League fun sometimes, and I want to get to Gold or higher after making sure I'm ready, but the people are just terrible. EDIT: Should also note that those arguments I leap into tend to be so bad that after game, my friends will immediately private message me to calm down or take a deep breath and try discussing what just happened, but with a simpler, outsider view. EDIT 2: I want to thank everyone for the amazing advice they've put out here. I expected many far worse comments making fun of me, but there were only a few of those. My experience with League has been better, and I've only barely raged - almost every game now, I even get honored for being tilt-proof. Hopefully someone who has a similar problem reads this post and the comments, because if it helped me, it can help anyone. Thanks again, everyone!
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