About toxicity and how to deal with it

Hi guys.I noticed a lot of posts from new players and old alike about toxic players ruining game experience for people,and even making them quit.So i decided to give you my take on all that... Some info about me first- 25,veterinarian,been playing this game since season 3,played original DotA local tournament scene for 5 years before that,never been baned or even warned about toxicity and such. Now lets talk about some game facts,and why they lead to toxic behavior 1. Moba (Or DotA clones,or Hero Brawlers,or whatever you want to call them) are,without a doubt current top dog of E sports competition.That means a lot of people take games like this one really seriously.Think Heroic raiding guild in Wotlok era serious. 2. Since its a team game,no matter what your opinion about it,you are heavily influenced by performance of rest of your teammates.If someone makes a mistake,it sets entire team back. 3. People all over Europe (Or world,if you play on more servers) play this game.That means a lot of different ages,personalities,tempers,knowledge etc.Not all of them,or even most of them will be compatible with your personality. 4. Its not someone else's job to teach you about the game,or even be nice to you.Sure,its common courtesy to do so,but learn not to expect it in competitive environments. Long story short,its a top dog of competitive gaming,people take it seriously,and there are a bunch of different people out there that you can piss off with your missplays,set them back and waste their time.Its a perfect storm for toxicity,and anger in general. Now,i do not want to defend toxic people,i just want to explain how and why it happens.But i also do not want to defend oversensitive people who already have ALL THE TOOLS they need to deal with toxic ones.Here is what you can do to make your gaming experience better,and more fun. 1. Learn to accept that there are assholes in this world.Thats the first,and most important step.It will help you when you go job hunting,with your other hobbies,and people in general.There is no getting around it-assholes exist,and they are here to stay. 2. Remember that everyone,and that means even people who get paid to play this game started as a newbie.They where yelled at by ex DotA guys,and you will be yelled at by LOL veterans.Its the circle of life,like Simba and stuff.One day,you will yell at newbies too -*Edit* -When i say yell,i mean yell irl,not type in chat.Yelling irl helps :) 3. Ignoring people is an art.Its like Kung Fu on the internet.Ancient skill that not many people posses but its hella effective.When someone types nasty or mean things to you,comeback with snarky or sarcastic one liner (I love you too,Tnx buddy,Aww,thats so nice of you etc.) Then proceed ignore everything they say afterwards.Reason they type nasty stuff is so they can get a rise out of you.So do the obvious-Deny them the satisfaction 4. As i mentioned before,even if you are thin skinned and cant take the heat,you have all the tools to deal with toxic players.Mute an Report options exist for a reason,and judging by QQ posts on boards,they seam to do the trick. In conclusion,less whining,more winning as Charlie Sheen would put it :)Have a nice day,happy Holidays and all that good stuff.And remember,most people on Rift are actually nice,and willing to help.GLHF
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