Remake punishment.. why

I live in a place where bad internet/electricity exist, power outage in the city is a frequent thing, what I'm asking is why there is a punishment on leaver in the early game, when there is a remake option, I mean there is no harm done..except for those wasted few minutes, 20 mins w8 b4 5 really painful.{{sticker:sg-janna}} As for me, there is no schedule for the power outage to play around it, its not something intentional, just like how unintentional feeding...there is no punishment for it >.>, anyway, I just thought I should type this, and hope for the best, if nothing done, it's just the how life it's. Edit: to clarify I live in Syria Edit02: I think ppl misunderstood me, I'm not asking for a punishment remake, I am talking about the punishment in case of a remake(in-game, the one u vote for the game to remake in case of present of a leaver)..damn, bad English is bad...and hard.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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