After 6 years of never getting any sorts of bans, I just got perma banned.

Hey guys! Mason here. As the title already says, I got banned for being toxic over a couple of games in the recent days.. I'm not denying it that I wasnt. And I'm not going to point fingers on others, since no matter what type of players you get, I should have not been as toxic.. That being said, I'm so buffled players like me, a long time LeagueofLegends enthusiast, I got permanently banned after I have received a 2 weeks suspension. No chat restriction, nothing. Just like that, my main account, which I share a lot of great experiences, such as gifts from a friend who passed away a few years ago, my very first skin, etc etc. I already contacted a support, who told me that they cant do anything to get me unbanned.. I had a very bad time around that time.. depression, anger... one of the hardest times I've ever had... and league was my kind of escape for that. Before this, I was never toxic. It was just a one time thing where I had a time area, in which I wasnt nice to others and my behaviour lacked manners.. All I ask for is, a final chance. Its not like I was toxic before that. No. Not because I'm going to tryhard as much as I used to do. No, but I have a lot of friends on my list which I got to know after several years of playing. I will play a few games in a week. It still gives me alot of enjoy.. And again, I'm sorry for my behaviour... Just dont this to me.. This account has lots and lots of memories which I love to share with others.. Just one chance. And if I even get toxic even for once, just permaban me. Please Riot.
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