Being banned for trashtalking is very inconsistent

Hey, I really dont understand the report system. I recently got banned for calling my premade friend (whom I know in real life) f{{champion:44}}ggot, basically what I wrote was "Wow this yasuo is total f{{champion:44}}ggot", he reported me (ONLY HE REPORTED ME), and I got banned for 14 days. I wrote to riot that he reported me as a joke, because thats what we do, we report each other for the most petty shit, like missing cannon minion and stuff and even he himself wrote to riot that it was kinda like a joke report. They told me that they cant really do anything with the ban and that im toxic. I have never before been banned for anything, not even a chat restriction. So I did a little experiment and in course of 10 consecutive games my friend tried to be as toxic as possible, one game he told 1/11/1 Orianna on our team "Orianna you are a pathethic worthless piece of trash garbage excuse for a human being", the other game my friend told Lee sin that he hopes his family dies and he gets cancer and so on. It was 3 of us premades and 2 of us always reported the trashtalking friend, so he got at the very least 2 reports each game. He didnt get anything not even a warning. Now please keep in mind he was 14 day banned literally 2 months ago for being toxic and leaving games. So if I understand this correctly, is wishing somebody death and cancer, leaving games and being total %%%% more acceptable than calling my friend a f{{champion:44}}ggot as a joke?
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