Thank you Riot

First of all, excuse my english its not my first language. I just wanted to say thank you to Riot for the instant feedback report. I came out of a game that was a terrible experience. Our zed mid thought he was really good because his score was 4/2/4. He didn't have any farm, while the enemy vlad farmed like crazy. We could only deal with the vlad with 3 or 4 man of our team. Meanwhile zed went in the enemy team to assasinate kalista and of course dieing in the process. But it was worth because he killed the kalista.. The enemy rammus could 1vs5 at this point. They also had a galio and full ap sona support without sightstone. Of course we couldn't punish this because our diana jungler died all the time, and zed went 1vs4. The point is that zed was flaming me and my partner and the diana all the time. It was really bad. Of course he gets muted, but the damage is already done if you get what i mean. I got pretty depressed out of this game, because there was nothing I or my parnter could do. After the game we reported the zed and we got instant feedback report. I just want to say thank you because it feels good to know this zed got punished for his shitty behaviour. Even if it wasnt the zed that got punished, it still feels so good. Especially because we dont get the message that often. It means much more this way. At least, that's how I feel. Thank you for reading. Kind regards

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