What happened to chat restrictions?

When I started playing league I couldn't type in chat. I had been playing for a while and assumed my account/client/computer was bugged. After a while, I was close to reaching lvl 30 planning to go ranked immediatly but, a friend told me that communicating would be important so he recommended that I should create a new account and check if I could type, and so I did and could. Fast foward a phew months and that account got stolen and when I came back to my first account I found out I could type again. And then it clicked me, I had been chat restricted from level ~1 - 30. Fast foward to this past week, smurfing, like a dumb ass I tried to prove that you couldn't get banned instantly for messing up once. -"n-word f-word". 2 week suspension. Fair, but, when and how do you get chat restricted? Isn't muting me for 3 months more effective than suspending me for 2 weeks?
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