Trollers In Ranked

I entered ranked match solo and immediately this troller guy said "I go trol" and took {{champion:238}} then somone asked him why he said "i like".I thought he was joking but when we started match he started to run around and feed also he started provoking us,i ignored it i was angry but i didnt said anything in chat not even ping him because i knew that is what he want he want us to flame him so he can report us and we will get ban he will keep doing this .{{champion:23}} was tilted and started to flame us and {{champion:238}} not to prolong i wanted to know is he going to get ban we all reported him but i didnt recive "Instant report feedback" people like this {{champion:238}} and {{champion:23}} also should be permanently banned from this game this is the second troller in ranked in 2 months that is a lot even 1 in season is a lot this game should be 100% troll free and non toxic.When _**Riot Games **_ are going to do something about this !? I will leave the picture as if I say, of course, I hid the names because of the rules, but I would like to publicly embarrass this {{champion:238}} * * * *I apologize if I was wrong in spelling somewhere*
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