Trolling, wintrading

I would like to discuss a topic such as trolling and wintrading. What exactly is trolling and win trading for you ? How do you try to fight with players who are trolling, and how successful is it ? And were you a troll yourself ? Or do you always, in spite of the situation, do not lose your spirit for victory ? ________________________________________________________________ I do not judge anyone, but I consider this behavior in a game where the success of another person depends on you, inadmissible, offensive to other players in the team. For which the player must be punished immediately. ________________________________________________________________ I can tell you how I fight with such players. I try not to talk to them. If I see that a person begins to troll or from the start of the game, takes completely wrong runes for his hero and buys wrong items. At the end of the game, I report such a player. But this does not work at all. I do not know why, but not one player has been punished for such behavior. Of course, this applies only to the rating mode. In other modes, I understand that players are not worried about winning or losing, and can start testing a new build or new runes. I myself do this sometimes. ________________________________________________________________ Also, you can ask me - how do you understand that a player is trolling or wintrading ? I will answer you. For me, the League of Legends is a team game, even if we play alone or in a duet, fate has decided that we should play this game as a team, and if one player refuses to play for the team. If he ignores his team, he dies somewhere every time, even if we tell him that an enemy team is coming to him, and he stays on the line and ignores our help. That for me, such a player is a troll and a person who is "win trading". Yes, of course, we all make mistakes, and I will never report on the player who wanted to make the last CS and run away, but he just didn’t succeed and they killed him, it can happen to everyone. But if a player specifically ignores it and dies alone over and over again, everything is clear to me. But also, I want to note the fact that sometimes “smurf” players come across who are really very nice to play with, such players will always come to your aid, they will never risklessly risk and jump 1v5, although, most often they are literally win a 1v9 game and they never tilt. ________________________________________________________________ Perhaps some of you may think that I am wrong. But I believe that I am doing the right thing. And if I ever start trolling other players or wintrading, I should be punished for this behavior. Let me remind you that for those who have forgotten, this applies exclusively to the ranked mode. Also, I want Riot to tighten penalties in a ranking mode. ________________________________________________________________ You can also take part in the survey. Where, detailed and understandable answers are presented below, since they do not fit in the survey fields. In the survey, it will simply be "Yes" and "No" _**Do you get what you expect from the reporting system ?**_ **1.** Yes, although I do not understand whether my reports, when they are sent, really bring the desired result, but everything suits me. **2.** No, I don’t understand how the reporting system works and whether it works at all. I have the feeling that she works 1 time out of 10. I want her to work on 10/10 I want to ask you not to be shy and participate in the survey. Choose either of the two answer options, the survey is anonymous, no one will see your choice.

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