I need an answer from riot (AFK IN RANKED)

I was recently in a ranked game as poppy, just playing league. When my mid (zed) went afk. Later my jungler (graves) also went afk. We of course lost the game before 20 minutes as there was no way that we could ever win. But what made me extremely sad was the fact that i still lost 20 LP for that game, even though there was nothing I could do to "carry my team". I think that when playing with an afk the teamates should not lose LP for losing that game. You might say that this could be abused by 1 person leaving so that his premades don't lose LP. To counteract this problem the AFK should lose twice or 3 times as much LP as he would have done with a normal loss. The loss prevented is already a thing in league. However it seems weird to me that we don't always get it when we have an afk. For normals I don't care if we lose if they just get bannen. But in ranked it is sad to lose LP for something that you have no control over. If somebody from riot could tell me why this is not in the game I would be extremely happy, thanks for reading. If you disagree please explain why you do as i might be able to explain to elaborate my idea.
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