My loser opponents keep surrendering at 15th minute of the game...

Why do you insta-lock Yasuo/Zed then? Do you find it fun when you either score lucky kills and somehow make it through the game or maybe would you rather (as intended) apply layers of strategy and succeed through cooperation? Either way, I want longer games because when I have afk guy on my team my games are 30+ minutes anyway. Don't give up, being disadvantaged is just another opportunity for you. I hate losers who do not even try and once they fed and screw up for their team then they encourage everybody to surrender and make the game dull. This game is not for everybody if your idea behind it "Alien Swarm" like mash button at someone 1 vs 1 m8 logic go try something else, you do not fit. Just because there is many of you here does not mean this game should be made for those who quit at slightest inconvenience. You are not a good investment for the League. @You, Fortnite dropout.
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