Why is there so much flame....

Hey you may have heared a lot of people talking about this topic but i wanna ask: Why is there so much flame ? I am an only ranked player but when I join a match at least one summoner is flaming and harassing the other players in the game. Don't get me wrong, I myself got salty a lot of times because I had a big loosing streak or just had a bad day but when i am mad I don't blame it on the others. For sure I don't write it in the chat or start a fight with other summoners either. But at all honesty I am probably never flaming in the chat. The idea of writing this post came to me after I lost a game about a day ago where everyone wanted to report each other. Is it because they can't handle the fact that they have to face their own faults like me, or do they think they do everything right and when they loose, its just because of the others and not because of themself. It's really starting to annoy me that everyone is so toxic. PS: I'm Silver IV but i don't think the elo really matters. Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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