2nd ranked game, get harassed and openly told to stop playing ranked

I've just finished my second ranked game, ever, i was last pick, had to be an adc, so i went {{champion:222}} , i hate adc, but i had to. instantly against a {{champion:53}} and a {{champion:18}} , knew we were going to loose. {{champion:106}} support so i hoped he would help, just built Attack speed and hoped for the best, within 5 minutes they kill me, no biggie knew i was screwed from the get go, within 7 they had 4 kills on me, started to get worried, mid lane (was a {{champion:31}} btw) started to push harder and jungler starts to stay down bot more after 15 minutes i was 1/14/7 and i was getting shit from both mid and top. The top laner, a gold {{champion:58}} called Grimrow started shouting in chat that i was ''**a retarded troll feeder**'' ''**stop playing ranked because you're toxic with all of your badness**'' and eventually ''**uninstall the game because you are a so bad**'' now i know there are people who are a _little_ over the top with somethings that they say, but when we surrendered at 21 (dunno why they didn't at 20) he literally harassed and bullied me in the after chat saying that another bad player banned and he was so happy right now and even when i came to protest with my perfectly flawed ''**IT'S MY SECOND GAME ASSHOLE**'' his response was ''**no one believes you, 4x reports, quit playing ranked**'' now my 1st response was challenging him to a 1v1 but for some reason he would respond, then i saw his player history and saw a line of {{champion:58}} defeats, making me feel better that he was a golden failure. but still season 6 was yesterday, i don't understand why some people are in such a rush to go nowhere so much they would harass another player as well as why some people think its ok to harass and bully in the first place? the tribunal hasn't been working in all my many months of being on this site so i guess i shall ask the people who read this when angry players being mad at someone becomes too much. and what drives these people to be so?

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