Communicating vs flaming

Hi, i love the new honor system since i believe that its better to use the carrot over the whip when trying to get people to reform from toxic behaviour. However nowadays everything you say seems to be flame in someones ears...there are a few things that really annoys me in league atm and i´ll name them here: 1. Report Calling ( just don´t do it, you write report XXX in allchat i will report you for negative and verbal ) 2. Laners going in to ranked expecting to get carried by the team ( they can´t even hold their own in the lane they signed up for ), usually followed by blaming the jungle for not ganking them. ( Again don´t do it!! Why do you even play ranked if you can´t hold your own lane...learn your strengths and weaknesses before going into ranked ) 3. People that doesn´t listen to pings, not communicating. ( this might not be reportable but is still damn annoying ) Anyway to the topic, you have to be able to tell players when their actions are making you loose without that being counted as flame!! Like when I´m mid malz laning vs a katarina and she realizes that shes not going to get kills in that lane she runs off towards toplane i ping missing opp. THREE times and danger once to get toplaner and jungle to back off which they don´t and both die to her. My comment "Oh man, Guys!!" is NOT flame!! Not even afterward when having to lane vs a 2-0 katarina and enemy jungler AND support comes to gank me in lane and i tell the botlane that they can´t let their opponents roam without as much as a ping, is FLAME. I have to be able to tell people that their actions are making us loose without it being counted as flame!! I´m making this post because this was exactly what happened a few games back yesterday, and even though i kept communicating through pings and keep playing with most damage done on our team our toplane writes he will report me bacause i´m a flamer in lobby. It just make me sick, you think that just keeping my mouth shut letting katarina roam and get kills all over the map would be better? Not telling botlane to atleast ping when an enemy is missing so i can back off and not get ganked by three would give us better chances of winning? I tell you what, the only reason i deserve that report you so nicely pointed out you gave me in the aftermatch lobby was for carrying your sorry ass to victory and i really regret doing so. (Since now you have learned nothing). Over and out....
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