The forum in a nutshell - This place is full of extremely sensitive souls, grow some balls...

The punishing system gives a fake sense of power over a player's behavior. There is a muted button for that purpose, if you don't like me offending you or even talking to you at all - mute me and let me be. What type of an ignorant agnostic kid must you be to give reports. "This dude called me a sucker so I reported him! Now Rito will ban him!" . Good job... Talking shit is the only fun thing in this game... I'm ashamed of this sissie community. You must either be the most butthurt kid in the game or you're just powerless to reply to an Offence or a Pun... so you'll report me out of your stupidity. HA! Pathetic. Much love from: Truth Kind regards, Mr.Man
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