This is enough for a report?

I had 2 really toxic people in my team who constantly tried to put down the other players. I got a chat restriction for this: Game 1 Pre-Game WondersOfNestra: =) In-Game WondersOfNestra: why go there, they have so much early game burst WondersOfNestra: whats wrong with having autism WondersOfNestra: *dies and gives up 600 g reward* "why u throw" WondersOfNestra: xD WondersOfNestra: just play man WondersOfNestra: my fault WondersOfNestra: needed shield earlier too WondersOfNestra: ez dive kill WondersOfNestra: she got 900 g for that WondersOfNestra: my god thiese ganks WondersOfNestra: lets stay under our tower WondersOfNestra: we just came back into the lane WondersOfNestra: no more fights from now WondersOfNestra: rengar is bot WondersOfNestra: get out WondersOfNestra: *once again* WondersOfNestra: 1/4 oh dera WondersOfNestra: dear WondersOfNestra: not my best score WondersOfNestra: rengar on dragon WondersOfNestra: ofc WondersOfNestra: rengar bot again WondersOfNestra: my gosh WondersOfNestra: we are getting camped so hard WondersOfNestra: cant even get 1 inch away from the tower WondersOfNestra: no WondersOfNestra: im 1/5 WondersOfNestra: thx to rengar WondersOfNestra: muted WondersOfNestra: report him after the game WondersOfNestra: i think we played bot pretty ok WondersOfNestra: i think hes smrufing WondersOfNestra: hes a little too good WondersOfNestra: idk WondersOfNestra: or just having a great game WondersOfNestra: nobody is blaming you WondersOfNestra: i didnt go base lvl 1 WondersOfNestra: i like to play save WondersOfNestra: stop flaming me WondersOfNestra: my god WondersOfNestra: what is wrong with you? WondersOfNestra: just shut up WondersOfNestra: you are being rely toxic WondersOfNestra: why even talk WondersOfNestra: jsut play the game man WondersOfNestra: its low trash elo WondersOfNestra: nobody cares if you win or lose here WondersOfNestra: just play WondersOfNestra: good for you WondersOfNestra: its still bad elo WondersOfNestra: stop flaming WondersOfNestra: ive seen much much worse WondersOfNestra: you need to play more league lol WondersOfNestra: idc WondersOfNestra: its low elo WondersOfNestra: dude league is a dead game WondersOfNestra: ok WondersOfNestra: nobody cares WondersOfNestra: just play the game WondersOfNestra: its not gonna evolve anywhere anymore WondersOfNestra: im playing league for 8 years now WondersOfNestra: im done with trying to reach elo X WondersOfNestra: gg Post-Game WondersOfNestra: report morg and yi for flaming and toxic behavior WondersOfNestra: how annoying WondersOfNestra: and then what? WondersOfNestra: she should record her own chat box WondersOfNestra: and on a video nobody watches WondersOfNestra: amazing WondersOfNestra: also everyone does misteakes, making jokes about bad players WondersOfNestra: is just sad and pathetic WondersOfNestra: gl on your next game and calm down WondersOfNestra: it's just a video game ... ??? You could say that my attitude was a little "whatever, it's just a game who cares" but I still played to my best ability and didn't blame anyone, it's even the opposite as I tried to shut down the flamers. What's your oppinion?
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