The fun of being reported by premades/a group of people

Okay so I was playing a game on this account and I played a game and the attitude of EVERYONE in the game was nasty,here's the chat log Riot sent me after perma-banning me.Yes I admit I was a tad bit salty that game but that's because we had a Zed-Lee bot where zed went 1/7 and Lee left the game,a jungler which didn't gank and all the things that can make someone angry.Now before all of you white knights say "hurr durr deserved" put yourself in a situation of a bad game with a bad team and tell me if a perma ban is deserved from a single game (this chat log is from a single game and the message that I got says that I was banned for that exact game).After that one game I took a break because I was clearly not in the mood for league of flamers and was surprised to come back and see that I was perma-banned.I am not sure if the enemy team was just a bunch of %%%%s or premades but that's unfair that a few mad people (they were as toxic as me,maybe even more) reported me in that one game and all my progress was lost because of that. TL;DR do not play this game if you have any kind of emotions because you will eventually be perma-banned because a bunch of toxic %%%%s are going to report you. come on I missed so much minions cause im lagging omfg Haha so balanced strong early strong late yes ******* ******* crits for 200 no skill you are a fucking dumbass if you dont know this im riven **** stfu ******* bronze? Im level 17 reported for smurfing I have 170 ping more than that actually 250 when the lag spike hits anyways nice ganks noc I dont get it do you run xp runes? why tf you are level 8 ty they are going to dive me noob... WTF lags my E didnt go off 250 ping :/ yes yes playing the easiest champion in the game and calling other poeple noobs bet you salty losing in bronze so you go smurf how cheap enjoy the report & mute oh look it's balancedmere learn to aim zed oh look tryndamere survived by mere skill it's clearly because his mecahnics and game knowledge his bigger After all diving in regardless of anything and pressing R takes so much skill trynd you must have been buillied as a kid oh wait you still are so you try to act tough behind the screen unmuted to say that I bet your life is that game kid lose virginity pffft noob im sorry what? Can't hear you over the loud death sounds Balancedmere and skillmumu are coming to kill me oh no wheres your premade yes yes I know pfft what you gon do press R and not catch me? you are a team of 4 noob champs Expect trist yes except I am also a human who makes mistakes ^to malz oh oh oh can you smell the skill Press R+E (both targeted abilities) and deal 1000 dmg sure must be hard to move the mouse over to my character The hand might slip or something All report you report me for what noc ohhh kay Fine and you are repoted for being a ***** oh oh the skill he auto attacked and gained 500 health that's definitely the result of superior skill such a skillful game of balanced and hard to play champs bg
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