Is there a more whiny and ungrateful community than this one?

I mean obviously riot owes us URF because they suggested we would have it and then didn't follow through, oh wait. We were told there was no URF coming on April 1st but we are still to get it twice this year as well as some other cool game modes. I for one found the whole draven webpage and the draven heads on everything in aram amazing and funny. Hextech crafting is great we get free skins that normally you would have to pay for, I would never have a ward skin now my wards say ok at no cost to me. Yet still all you people do is complain even riot's servers are pretty great the fact that I can get as low as 150ms from South Africa without any packet loss or anything is also great. How about we just appreciate the cool things they are doing for once remember they are real humans behind the riot logo and someone was probably really excited when their draven idea and head putting on code got the go ahead for the April fools prank, spent probably a good while putting it all together then they just get bashed because well it isn't the URF that it has to be. Come on people just be decent.
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