Homophobic Slurs

Wow. Honestly, "wow" is all I can muster. I understand League is a massively tilting game and that we all have our times of distress or anger but as an open bisexual, being repeatedly attacked by two homophobic players was the breaking point. Being "angry" does not solicit any form of homophobia or racism, nor sexism or any form of hatred, just as being "unconscious" does not solicit assault. In all honesty, I see no reason in either dedicating myself to League or playing for a good time if I am battered by multiple slurs and epithets that users know will offend. However, I find myself still unable to fathom the fact that these homophobic players still haven't been banned or even slightly punished; allowing this kind of toxic masculinity and ableism to conquer League should render it virtually unenjoyable. How can I enjoy a "game" if I feel uncomfortable? I kindly implore that somebody reviews my request for an investigation to be launched against these homophobic players. In hope and faith, Pyro
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