Banned because I typed a Trigger word in Pre-Game chat, should I try to send Support a ticket?

Game 1 Pre-Game Atlas: because my %%%%. is so huge i cant see the screen correctly Atlas: because i didnt ban? Atlas: %%%%. ass. shit. %%%%%%. %%%got. dumbass. Atlas: try me Atlas: :) In-Game Atlas: solo pref Atlas: my boy Atlas: 100 hours of gameplay if i had to guess Atlas: sad Atlas: rad Atlas: wp Atlas: g Atlas: g Context: I was playing with a premade at the time and I wasn't taking the game seriously at all (it was a Normal Draft game), so I made an immature joke about my penis size, to that a player got passive aggressive and told me he would get me banned so I doubled down. Karma I guess for making jokes. As you can see I was in no way shape or form toxic, I just typed the trigger words I knew in Pre-Game Chat and thought it wouldn't go through because, you know, its a joke. Should I send a ticket or is it just a waste of time?
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