Is this behaviour reportable?

1st, sorry for my bad English, I try my best On one of my last games in Normal I found a premade of 3 who, In my point of view and enemy view, they troll. The premade was jungle/ADC/Supp. Jungle play only on bot and not gank other lines. Ok, this can be good if bot win, but top and mid get ganks all time fighting 3 vs 1 (sometimes even enemy bot gank, and they dont ping ss, but thats other thing) and bot get kills but enemy get the tower on bot. While that the premade dont talk, only pings mid and top for die, even that we said that they gank us all time. On Mid/Late game they start to play they own game by bodyblocking top and mid. Also they start to chase us to avoid farm, no matter were line we go, some of them go there. I add the build of the ADC, so u can saw that they maybe troll. I just wanna know that if u think that if they troll or not and if the behaviour that they do on game is reportable or not. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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