Can I get banned for trolling during party IP?

_What do I mean by trolling?_ Okay so I group up with 4 of my friends and go to normal. We pick {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:12}} and all go mid and give kills to the enemy team after that when we respawn we tp mid and give another penta. While the enemy team is pushing mid we go and take the red buffs on both sides and go give them to the enemy team to push faster. Game goes for around 7 or 8 minutes and we get 281 IP. _Let's do the math_ 3 games = 21 minutes x 281 IP per game = 843 IP 1 game that ends at 20 minutes won = around 400 IP and if lost = 282 IP so the troll is worth. _Pros_ The enemy team gets 400 Ip for 8 mins and S+ and tokens You get more IP for less time So my question is: **Can I get banned because I intetionally feed?**
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