Returning after AFK to a ranked game

So I had this happen to my friend(and me a long time ago), basically when you disconnect and afk for a bit, there's no reason to come back anymore since you are going to lose LP regardless of you winning or not; now even if you lose connection I still think that afking for that long is indeed punishable behaviour and deserves at least the long queue, but at the same time let's say you lost connection or anything happened and you passed that afk timer(4 or 5mins...not sure), you have absolutely no reason to come back to your game anymore as there's no point anyway; no lp, no exp, nothing! you are treated the way a ragequitter is treated who left at min4 and never came back. Tl;dr I think the players that return to a winning game after afking deserve at least their lp, even when getting flagged as afk and punished.
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