Should I report everyone

So, I'm fresh out of bronze / low silver and at least at this level, it's not uncommon for literally everyone on both teams to blame everyone for everything and often, in quite rude ways. Example, I just came from a game where I played support and our adc, ashe, seemed to have connection issues and kept DCing and was quite behind the whole game, so our jungle and mid kept going 'report bot' and same about top, as our top died 4 times during laning. Ashe also joined in bashing the top laner and it only got worse as the game progressed and we were not doing too well. To the point where people were using actual profanities, whenever someone died. At some point, i don't know what happened, but also someone on the opposing team used a few pretty rude words to call someone on our team. And this is really how nearly half of the games I play, are like... often followed by the *izi / owned nubs /etc* from the winning team, in lobby after the game and everyone on the losing team calling to report everyone else on their team. Now my question is, should i really report everyone? I have somewhat grown accustomed to this kind of behavior and often just let it slide, but also, I feel like if this is such a common thing, could reporting everyone who say something mean during the game, lead to getting punished for overusing the reporthing or something like that?
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