Forcing somebody to take role what i cant play and then report him. I hate everyone who do that.

Well. I wanna to discuss about this ONE type of people. I;m great toplane player and good jungler also a decent midlane player. But one thing i'm horrible ADC/Support i tried to learn these role but allways it ends up not well for me. Sometimes i meet people who just FORCE me to support or adc. I politelly tell them i suck at these roles so is bad idea to make me adc or support but they write "I dont care" and sometimes insults me. In game i try to do adc/support things (Cus i dont wanna be considered as toxic player) but most of times i fail at that what mostly ends with losing botlane when jungler doesent babysit it. And of course the same players "Who dont care" starts flaming and talking "REPORT [insert champion name what i play] for NOOB". Seriously i told them i'm horrible ADC/Support but they just didnt care and forced me to take that role anyway and after game they call everyone in game to report me for "intentional feeding" or "Trolling". I just hate this type of players and i dont know how to deal with them.
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