New Ban System

So basically i think that permanent suspensions are too rough for players and i want Riot Games to make bans for months for example, players would be thankful and have an opportunity to reform. They would love your game even more for that you gave them more chances. I personally was suspended by 2 2-week bans and 2 chat restrictions and then i got permanently suspended and i feel very bad about it. I feel that i deserve the last chance because i've noticed how i changed after permanent ban, it feels very different than after a 2-week ban. Riot Games, please do something like this, i would be grateful to you and other players who still are depressed after their ban like i am will thank you too. Please give more chances. We all are humans and we feel bad so please make your system little bit more forgiving. I hope that you will help people like me. I've also contacted Riot Games support asking for a ban modification but they said that there is no way. Thank you for your game Riot. <3
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