Automated ban system has reached the pinnacle of absurdity

Let's review what is enough to get permanently banned nowadays: Game 1 StuckInAZoo: ok 15 min game StuckInAZoo: and go next StuckInAZoo: jsut make sure you ff 15 StuckInAZoo: mid ipen StuckInAZoo: open* StuckInAZoo: go push as 5 and end fast StuckInAZoo: reported for not playing out unwiable games? StuckInAZoo: alright sure StuckInAZoo: go push mid StuckInAZoo: well i should have dodged this StuckInAZoo: too bad didnt see we have a negative win rate jungler aswell StuckInAZoo: and i negative win rate top too StuckInAZoo: report me for what? StuckInAZoo: all of you inting StuckInAZoo: ? StuckInAZoo: negative attitude? StuckInAZoo: where exactly StuckInAZoo: im just stating facts StuckInAZoo: im not sure if we are reading the same chat StuckInAZoo: saying what win rate players in my team have is somehow toxic StuckInAZoo: ok lol sure StuckInAZoo: and im the one flaming in this game XD StuckInAZoo: olaf are you giving up? StuckInAZoo: cmon man thats reportaable reason StuckInAZoo: stay positive and we gonna win right guys :) StuckInAZoo: damm why you gotta flame me like that? StuckInAZoo: gonna have to report you for that sorry StuckInAZoo: damm olaf is giving up :( Game 2 StuckInAZoo: negaive win rate hard stuck plat player StuckInAZoo: sums mid StuckInAZoo: was far from your q range in hammer but ok sure StuckInAZoo: i mean the aoe radious bonobo StuckInAZoo: ok this is %%%%%%ed StuckInAZoo: get out of plat once then call ppl bad StuckInAZoo: xD StuckInAZoo: ffun guy StuckInAZoo: what a time StuckInAZoo: to dc StuckInAZoo: ffs StuckInAZoo: what a joke StuckInAZoo: this is just dicusting StuckInAZoo: wtf was that StuckInAZoo: 'kha dead solo StuckInAZoo: diana ran aroudn dead solo StuckInAZoo: epick throws StuckInAZoo: why are you not 4 top atm StuckInAZoo: are you trolling or something? StuckInAZoo: or maybe your grasp of english language is not that strong? StuckInAZoo: reported for flame StuckInAZoo: nice carry there StuckInAZoo: that drake play throwed the game StuckInAZoo: threw* StuckInAZoo: heya atleast you got riven right StuckInAZoo: who needs the inhib StuckInAZoo: 3 man shocweave you still loose the fight StuckInAZoo: surving 3 sec longer with 3 ad assasins on top of me wont really help StuckInAZoo: however you busilfing exectioners StuckInAZoo: whoudla ctually help StuckInAZoo: better tell us why you codnt gank perma pushed mid Game 3 StuckInAZoo: can you stop StuckInAZoo: pure skill StuckInAZoo: stop inting plz StuckInAZoo: why StuckInAZoo: do you let me die StuckInAZoo: insted iof saving ke and still gettign a kill StuckInAZoo: \ StuckInAZoo: another hard stuck plat StuckInAZoo: and he just keeps inting StuckInAZoo: can you x9 for inting plz StuckInAZoo: anmal StuckInAZoo: ask this lee how diana is one shotting me StuckInAZoo: ok gg wp StuckInAZoo: literally single handedly lost the game as a jungler StuckInAZoo: feels good having 2 junglers help you mid? StuckInAZoo: not before my jungler gave you 4 in first 10min StuckInAZoo: and he just keeps going StuckInAZoo: and somehow cho thinks its my fouilt StuckInAZoo: dont forget to report lee for inting StuckInAZoo: and cho for flaming StuckInAZoo: i wanna see ur reaction to ur jungler gicing enemy diana 4 kills StuckInAZoo: in 10min StuckInAZoo: didnt follow up on you suicidng in enemy jungler? StuckInAZoo: ok lol StuckInAZoo: i like all this talk from a hard stuck plat player StuckInAZoo: and dina have you se ur dmg? StuckInAZoo: good trade As you can see not wanting to waste time for a game where you are matched with 3 negative win rate players who manage to each die 3 times in a matter of 10 minutes or simply stating win rates of your teammates is considered perma ban worthy offence nowadays. The ridiculousness of Riot's censorship has reached it's peak. Notice how not a single curse word, homophobic or racist remark was made. No hate speech. Arguably only mild negativity at best, even that highly subjective. Nothing that falls under ''zero tolerance'' policies. And yet the auto ban system flags the account based simply on a number of reports and gives it a permanent ban. Riot is clearly on its way to create a happy little sandbox for children to troll and feed in. Because as well all know the people who trolled and ran it down mid in those 3 games walking free with their accounts untouched. While Riot will keep banning people for the slightest of negativeness instead of banning boosted accounts, intentional feeders and trolls, who are actually the cause of majority of flame, this game will remain the most toxic in the world.
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