From Honor 0 to Honor 2 (+Checkpoint 2)

Riot has been generously rewarding me for good behavior. I've been playing the game having all sorts of people in my team, but I mute everyone I don't like. I've been playing a game called "For Honor". Toxic and salty game, but only you can turn on the chat. You end up realizing that you don't really need to read everything or turn on the chat. So I've been doing the same in League; the first wrong word coming out of someone results in a mute. I've been winning more games by muting people also. Wanna get out of Honor 0, talk as little as possible. Don't even say "GG". Fak the GG. Enemy team shit talking you? Best reply is "k" or ":)". The only reason anyone shit talks is to see your response. If they don't see your response, they just end up feeling stupid. Someone trolling in your team? Say sorry, works 50% of the time. Talk less, play more. And use the thumbs up emote unironically please; your teammates will appreciate it. Hit your teammates with a Good Job. Good luck, flamers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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