this is not a reason to punish me

Game 2 Pre-Game fonnyguy26: i am in the lane fonnyguy26: of fonnyguy26: XxN1GhTCorexX In-Game fonnyguy26: dont do that urself then fonnyguy26: : -) fonnyguy26: dont worry itll be alright fonnyguy26: oh you dontw ant it fonnyguy26: i prepped it for ya? fonnyguy26: : ) fonnyguy26: : -) fonnyguy26: report my team toxic : -) fonnyguy26: go take it vayne fonnyguy26: be a good girl : P fonnyguy26: ofc most kills in team fonnyguy26: check damage fonnyguy26: if u believe it was ks ;) fonnyguy26: no fonnyguy26: i wasnt flaming once : -) they are flaming me b fonnyguy26: xD fonnyguy26: riot has the logs and they will know the truth fonnyguy26: you can report all you want bro fonnyguy26: janna is inting ; '( fonnyguy26: why do* Post-Game fonnyguy26: team toxic fonnyguy26: can u report? fonnyguy26: interesting fonnyguy26: yikes fonnyguy26: its not like i was doing a lot at the end fonnyguy26: i was most damage at the point where u mentioned it first fonnyguy26: so it doesnt matter what u say now "be a good girl : P" might have been a little sexist, but everything else is fine. My team was flaming like HELL and i kept my calm the whole time. I dont see the issue here.. And I even defended riot saying they know the truth.. big mistake on my part. ill never defend you again riot
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