Intentional feeder hasn't received a punishment

Yesterday i found a troll on the enemy team that said he will intentionally feed ("enjoy win") because a teammate banned his champion, this isn't fair for the 3 innocent teammates that didn't ban his champion. The troll went to every lane and intentionally dived our turrets with a score of 19 deaths. My teammates and i reported the troll for "intentionally feeding" and having a "negative attitude". The instant feedback bots did not detect the troll, i'm guessing the bots didn't notice the troll because he has 1 kill and 2 assists. A few hours later the troll was playing another match so that means the troll hasn't been punished because he would have received a 14 day ban within 15 minutes from the instant feedback bots. Instant feedback robots find it hard to detect whether players are having a bad game or if they are intentionally feeding, so why not hire humans to look for intentional feeders?
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