Regarding to picks!

I would like to ask you guys as may some of you are more experienced then me the following things: -Are the troll picks like adc top punishable? -Is it a guy who gets tilted and leave the game then come back troll and call it a game can be punished? -Does a player get`s punished overall if he does not respect his role and his picks up for the needs of the team what i mean is if you are top and you are in need of a tank or a fighter and he picks an adc into an assassin ? -Does a 4 man troll surrender without losing actually the game can be punished by Riot? I would love to get as many answers as you can give try to be honest when you do so i`m just wondering how does this league of legends works with 1 adc picked into a assassin,1 support picked into jungle and a squishy tank mid with no items on him when he walks in lane!
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