10years aniversary permaban gift, thx RIOT

I play for almost 10 years lol and i got a permaban on their 10th aniversary, really? They really dont like older players, they want just new one, who use a lot of money on the game, but where is the satisfaction of playing a game with some noobs? There are some really good players, but also so many bad players, who dont even know how to ward, ping etc... Once you drop the honor lvl and division you start to play with really bad players who afk, int, never help and trol and when you say something to them its counting as agressive? Apparently you can really feed and assist enemy but cant talk much, becouse usualy i get a chat log and i dont really understand where the problem is. I write 10x more then most people and people flame me all the time, but i also have 10x more experience then them even tho im not the best, they ignore me, they dont know how to ping back etc... You never know how good are your players, but if they ignore me then i got tilted, play bad and swear back, becouse they dont respect me, but permaban is really too much for that.
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