Those who buy Challenger team slots for ranked rewards

Just wondering why these people feel needing (buying) a challenger team slot, getting 10 wins, and earning challenger ranked rewards, **then getting ~~removed~~ kicked from your challenger team** while not even being able to hide in their gameplay they cannot play at least like Platinum, if not even Gold or Silver. The only reasons I'm seeing are: * Social reasons (boasting "I'm challenger", "I was challenger S5", impressing friends, impressing others, etc.) * Power/Authority reasons ("I was challenger S5 and I know X is better than Y at...", etc.) * Financial reasons (account selling? account trading? eloboosters needing proof for their clients...?) * Self-valuing reasons ("I can prove I was the best", "I have the best tier of S5", etc.) But when you can't even play like Gold, shouldn't be these hypotheses invalid? Obviously any possible reason has a (non financial) value, but how far a challenger ranked rewards financial cost can be edged by the intrinsic value of having the challenger ranked rewards? (I don't even know how much it costs, I read only that a professional in the past got caught boosting someone to Master tier for $1400 I think). Do you see any other possible (valid) reasons? (I'm just trying to find some other reasons as this _might be interesting_ to use in a research project about value and rewards if weird (and valid) reasons were spotted - because it seems irrational with the reasons I could find)
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