Riot thanks for banning me 14 days ;)

Hey rito thank you for banning me 14 days from the game you see this opened my eyes made me see clearly how much you failed to bring the game to a fair level. I got banned why? Because I had improved all these years made the game better and flamed back some rly bad attitudes players and feeders who were rude as well. Thank you I quit the game! Good luck keeping the troll players. I had been a very good player and teamwork teamate just I had enough of the trollers who did on purpose things. Also try to fix your match making is unfair the way is done. I have felt it. And also many players who got reported from me never got any kind of disciplinary . This is called discrimination. As long as you fail to do things right you gonna lose customers. Ps. Some may say I have negative tone in what I said, I only did this to show riot how much I loved the game and how it failed to keep me. In addition I wanted to thank all the good community who struggles playing this game between all these trollers. As for the people who I flammed in the game never regretted every single one of them deserved it. Good luck šŸ‘‹
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