Unfair forum suspension.

I just got 3 day suspension after an argument with a moderator of this forum, the reason you ask? A bit of context: I was arguing that Riots punishment system is flat out broken. I really dislike that a players can get banned for flaming another player while there is a perfectly good mute button in place to silence them, this is while game after game is ruined by trolls/afkers/12 year old throwing tantrums which NEVER go on to get punished. This is off me coming of the bat of playing 20+ish game with nearly every single one featuring an AFK. Anyway to the point: I just received a notification that apparently saying "At least I can stop harassment with a mute button without being a triggered fairy" is offensive. WOW. Just wow. Holy triggered shitballs, I mean I've said worse in the past. I'm sat here is shock on how "Triggered fairy" when not used to insult an individual is offensive. I clearly hit a point they wanted to silence me over. %%%% this game. The games in the toilet, balance team is a %%%%ing disgrace, punishment system is a disgrace too. More and more people are leaving, mainly the core audience. And now you cant be critical of papa RITO or they will silence you gulag style.
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