Why don't you show the other peoples words to me? I wont be playing again, don't worry. I hope your game burns in hell. The amount of disgusting people that get off on being assholes to one another, then reporting you because they know eventually you will get banned. Good job putting the power in childrens hands. Please look into the logs of the games, resolve the issue and stop banning people for defending themselves or trying to reason with people. Even if the account is unbanned, I will not be returning. I doubt you care about this... you've made your money and had your time. Game 1 Pre-Game Vilegion: months old. Vilegion: ._. Vilegion: You must be high Vilegion: Or trolling Vilegion: I mean HIghkiller with his VPN antics Vilegion: You aint a female my g Vilegion: You have smelly nuts In-Game Vilegion: sigh Vilegion: I should havbe let youy dier Vilegion: stay top for the wave Vilegion: I go mid Vilegion: you can go Vilegion: ult me after mine Vilegion: bro Vilegion: you're not helping Vilegion: its putting me behind in exp Vilegion: %%%% OFFF Vilegion: It was supposed to be for like 2 waves Vilegion: and im talkign about Zilian Vilegion: Who is just following me leaching exp Vilegion: please dont come Vilegion: Help the team Vilegion: STOP TROLLING Vilegion: ok Vilegion: goodbye Vilegion: Ofc you dont Vilegion: Cause you dont want to play anything Vilegion: You're just a raty Vilegion: btwe Vilegion: Its open Vilegion: They can't protect Vilegion: Sick of Zilian Vilegion: It is Vilegion: just group Vilegion: No thanks Vilegion: Nope Vilegion: Not playing with a troll Vilegion: Nope Vilegion: BNot really Vilegion: I didnt hit anyone when you were stating this kiddo Vilegion: You wanna play with the Zilian perma trolling you Vilegion: Add them to friends Vilegion: I would rather quit my last game and watch Game of Thrones Vilegion: nty Vilegion: kill them Vilegion: Duno if that's true Vilegion: Don't care Vilegion: But if it is you're a c unt Vilegion: Genuinely Vilegion: Just a poor human Vilegion: You mad cause no friends Lb? Vilegion: Want to come off as logical Vilegion: Thought so Vilegion: All the same kind of junk people Vilegion: I doubt that Vilegion: You're not that good Vilegion: I assume I am considered a flamer Vilegion: Afterr people troll, I have to play lol Vilegion: Sorry, but I don't think I have to play anything someone elses way if they choose to take the piss Vilegion: That's saying something when I have a Janna jungle Vilegion: You're a gimp Vilegion: lol tilt Vilegion: nerdterms to anger Vilegion: Says the guy that queues in a game to just be a %%%% Vilegion: You're sad bro Vilegion: Sorry Vilegion: Not funny Vilegion: And sadf Vilegion: Not even insulting you Vilegion: Just making an observation Post-Game Vilegion: Do whatever Vilegion: You're a waste of air Game 2 In-Game Vilegion: what did he use Vilegion: f and d? Vilegion: kinda funny Azir dmg atm Vilegion: And also the amount of help you want :) Vilegion: Fre champ lol Vilegion: wow Vilegion: she ks'd Vilegion: Wait he didnt die Vilegion: Wtfd Vilegion: How... Vilegion: I watched him die lmfao Vilegion: Yeah? Vilegion: lmao Vilegion: The one gank lee then no return with flashless Azir telling me im bad Vilegion: insec Vilegion: Low hp Vilegion: Cauise you walked Vilegion: you came to lane Vilegion: Walked out Vilegion: L:et him chunk me Vilegion: Then complain Vilegion: You're just a noob flamer dude, sorry Vilegion: Lmao Vilegion: You flame Vilegion: And then say focus Vilegion: LMFAO Vilegion: You bad %%%% Vilegion: Next time you need to safeguard out Vilegion: Ill just walk out of range Vilegion: yup Vilegion: now take all mid farem Vilegion: lol Vilegion: you're bad Vilegion: just leave bro Vilegion: couldnt leave Vilegion: Lmao Vilegion: That was bad? Vilegion: That I ended up getting him Vilegion: Ands nobody killed boxes Vilegion: Lmfao Vilegion: You're deluded Vilegion: You're a golem bro Vilegion: No sense Vilegion: You are Vilegion: No lifer xD Vilegion: 0 friends Vilegion: fo real Vilegion: Np for saving you Vilegion: You're such a %%%got xD Vilegion: I bet people love you Vilegion: You're like a friend repelant Vilegion: 7 deaths Vilegion: You claimed mid Vilegion: Without ganking Vilegion: better tax some Vilegion: Oh my ult did go off on Alali Vilegion: Amazingf Vilegion: Considering you didnt get stunned at all xD Vilegion: lee lma Vilegion: He's such a %%%got Vilegion: Lmfao Vilegion: Suppress Vilegion: Sorry baby Vilegion: should havbe knmown Vilegion: lmfao Vilegion: HAHAHAHA Vilegion: Me? Vilegion: Lol league kisds xD Vilegion: Why is everyone a knob Vilegion: lmfao Vilegion: You're cringy Vilegion: and i hate that word Vilegion: But you'#re a nerdd Vilegion: It's depressing just to see people like you Vilegion: lmao Vilegion: So sad Vilegion: Nerding out Vilegion: lmao Vilegion: You think I actually care Vilegion: You should see yourself Vilegion: You're so pathetic Vilegion: I want to discuss nothing with you Vilegion: Anyone else find this guy as pathetic as I do? Vilegion: Or is he "cool" Vilegion: If you look btw Vilegion: They go for me first Vilegion: And you have no once kicked someone Vilegion: Not really Vilegion: Seems like you justifying little guy Vilegion: You constantly try and vindicate yourself Vilegion: You are pathetic Vilegion: And need to get a life Vilegion: You're a vile little creature that no female would ever want Vilegion: I shall make a montage Vilegion: OBS is great Vilegion: lol Vilegion: Lee always typing Vilegion: Pro player Post-Game Vilegion: The amount of flame lmao Vilegion: Lee Vilegion: You are actually a troll Vilegion: You have to be Vilegion: Cause if you're seriously this pathetic Vilegion: LoL Vilegion: Goodbye account x Vilegion: Hahah Vilegion: He's so triggered Vilegion: Phahahah Vilegion: What a virgin Vilegion: Yes, you are making sense now Vilegion: I am the nicest on earth.. Vilegion: I dont think you'd even know what a friend is Vilegion: Do you have other interests Vilegion: Other than raging people? Vilegion: And maybe playing League Vilegion: That's fine? Vilegion: I don't act like a virgin Vilegion: Goodbye x
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