The state of the community affecting my game fun

Hey everyone! At first a disclaimer, I'm not a native speaker and this is MY personal oppinion! If you got a different experience or oppinion I'd love to hear it, but in a civil manner. Please avoid any flame, toxic trolling and such. Thanks a lot guys! I'm playing League of Legends since the release and spent some cash for skins and rune pages (yeah, I feel old now :P). I can't really recall when it happend but I stopped playing for some time, since ranked was no fun anymore, my friends didn't really played too for kinda the same reasons. What was the reasons the game wasn't any fun anymore? In my mind a sudden rise in popularity was to blame, as the amount of toxic players suddenly rose really significant or I was just unlucky? But I especially recall a day I tried to play some ranked to escape bronze with no chance, since I had a streak of three games in a row with leavers, not doing it because of grieving but even anouncing it to ruin other players games. YAY.... NOT! In general my experience turned bad, like really, really bad... I had many games not only with leavers, but also feeders and players giving up any chance of winning because it was a 0/2 start. Saying somethings like "gg" and then going trolling, building AD champs on AP and you know what I mean for sure.... It felt like I got one step foward but always had to fear to tumble two or even three backwards. I reported those players and put them on ignore but the amount was just so insanely high, I lost all fun in the game for some time. This doesn't even account for all the toxic flamming, cussing, picking something not needed like a second jungler because they suddenly wanted to go jungle and in general exhausting conversation with my team not wanting to work as a team, in a team game! Tips or advice was met with an instant toxic comment, something like: "Please focus XY" or "would suggest you try item XY, since it works well against XY" wasn't only ignored but promted an insult or even worse players starting to feed or just leaving. I even got flamed for trying to be nice and greet my team members and opponents or to make some small talk during champ selection or compliment good ganks/team efforts. Some time past and I said myself, I'd give the game and the community a second chance. Maybe my memory was too much focused on the bad experience and how bad could it be? So... I returned and I took a break again from ranked in general and focused on mainly the "fun modes" like ARAM or whatever special game mode was aviable. But even those lost any appeal, every game I or my opposing team got a leaver/afk. What shocked me even more, was I got flamed for saying I'd report leavers in ARAM! "It's just a fun mode, so why bother?" Yeah, it is a fun mode, but still where is the fun when it turns into a 4vs5 and someone willing tries to ruin it for others? And what didn't change was the toxic backlash for beeing nice in general, greeting team members, praising good actions and so on. What followed was another break, reporting didn't feel to have any impact, some players even tried to get yourself reported by beeing so frustratingly offensiv to promt something offensiv back, just so they could report you. Another thing was, that I was kinda alone reporting players beeing toxic, it felt like the other players were just used to this and took it as something that is as it is in this game. I haven't played ranked mode for some time now, beeing too afraid of the player base and their behaviour having become even worse then back some years! This is a team game, where is the point beeing at each others throats when someone is nice to you, tries to give advice or their oppinion how you could improve? (As long as it is writen in a civil manner) What is the point of trying to ruin the game for other players? Does reporting players really have any impact at all? I just feel like it is a fight against windmills and those players just make a new throw away account to ruin others games again. I for my part will try some ranked games this evening and see if anything has changed of if it is just as bad as I remembered. Wish me luck! So... What was the point of all of this in the end? I hope to reach some players and make them overthink their behaviour, maybe even get to the Riot team to improve on the situation (wishful thinking, I know...) But most of all, just to get this frustrating experience behind me and kinda coop with this really negative community I encountered. Thanks for reading!
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